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Tweede Kamer Verkiezingen op
woensdag 22 november 2023


Kabinet Rutte IV viel op 7 Juli 2023 over de asiel vraag, tot nu toe hebben 16 Tweede Kamer leden aangegeven dat zij zich niet herkiesbaar zullen stellen.


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Kiescollege Nederlanders buiten Nederland voor de Eerste Kamer

Update on 16 March 2023 in the morning :

The votes have been cast, counting continues ; for a regularly updated score, please refer to ‘public broadcaster’ NOS’ site, and in due course ‘Election Council’ Kiesraad, at and later :

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Upcoming elections in the Netherlands, open to non-resident nationals, will be the Kiescollege Niet-ingezetenen voor de Eerste Kamer ; Netherlands’ residents can vote in the elections for the Provinciale Staten and the Waterschappen; to allow Nederlanders abroad to elect members of the Eerste Kamer, a Kiescollege will be formed, the composition of which is based on votes from Netherlands’ passport holders not resident in their Kingdom.

First step – enlisting – closed end of January 2023, early in March two envelopes were dispatched : one with the envelopes etc, the other with the list of candidates and the election form. The envelope needs to be received in The Hague by 3pm on 15 March, can alternatively be delivered to the Consulate-General in London (note : not to Hon. consuls!).

Narrowing down the field of thirteen contestants may seem daunting, viewed from abroad; there are various online question-based assistants to help, but there is no dedicated assistant for the Kiescollege.

ProDemos, the ‘house of the democracy’ who amongst others organised the Society’s visit to the Tweede and Eerste Kamer in 2017, publish a question-based assistant for only four of the twelve provinces, many of the questions pertain to issues at the provincial level of government; other assistants do cover all twelve provinces, but not the Kiescollege. When pressed, ProDemos confirmed that they aren’t aware of any other assistants for just the Kiescollege; Gemeente Den Haag (who administer the Dutch abroad voters) considered putting up a dedicated site but found parties couldn’t provide specific information.

The ProDemos StemWijzer is at ;
a Kieswijzer covering all twelve provinces is at ;
thus far, the Hon. Web-editor hasn’t come across other comparison sites; herebelow links to the sites of the twelve parties and one single individual running for your vote.

  1. VVD – Volkspartij Vrijheid Democratie :
  2. PvdD – Partij voor de Dieren :
  3. PvdA – Partij van de Arbeid :
  4. FvD – Forum voor Democratie :
  5. SGP – Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij : – note : off-line on Sundays
  6. SP – Socialistische Partij :
  7. 50Plus – 50Plus :
  8. Volt – Volt :
  9. w/o name – Eelco Fiole, Einsiedeln, CH : – note : neither Bing nor Google yield a dedicated Kiescollege website, the above link provides some information, as would results on Bing or Google.
  10. GL – GroenLinks :
  11. CDA – Christen Democratisch Appél :
  12. D66 – Democraten 66 :
  13. JA21 – ‘Juiste Antwoord ’21’ :


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