“Two navies : the Dutch and their English counterparts”

From the announcement in the October 2021 e-news :

In 2020 Dr Anne Doedens and Vice-Admiral Matthieu Borsboom published the book Canon of the (Netherlands) Royal Navy – History of the Naval Forces*, about the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Canon consists of 50 sections detailing the main feats and actions of the Dutch Navy, from the days of the Republic to the present day.

‘England’, ‘the English’ and ‘Great Britain’ appear over 220 times in this narrative, which piqued our interest : there had clearly been more going on than the ‘Engelse Oorlogen‘.

* the Dutch title of the book is ‘De Canon van de Koninklijke Marine‘, from the UK it may be most straightforward to order at www.bol.com , at https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/de-canon-van-de-koninklijke-marine/9300000000083648/ ; there is an expansive review at https://marineschepen.nl/nieuws/canon-koninklijke-marine-121120.html .

Join us for this lecture by Dutch maritime historian Dr Anne Doedens to find out more. The talk will last about 60 minutes with time for Q&A.

Potential members and guests are welcome, please register for this free event. Members who are not able to join can register to get access to an exclusive recording after the event.

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