Trading Renewable Energy : a new Anglo-Dutch Partnership

From the announcement in the September 2021 e-news :

The Society will break new ground with a virtual presentation to us by National Grid (UK) and their counterpart TenneT (NL) on their collaboration in a new project to link the two countries’ electricity grids.

In the autumn of 2020 National Grid (NG) announced an agreement with TenneT, its opposite number in the Netherlands, to co-operate in the establishment of a link between the Dutch and British offshore wind farms and the energy distribution systems of both countries. This will involve the simultaneous interconnection of 4GW of offshore wind to trade spare transmission capacity.

This talk would be of wide interest to our corporate and individual members alike.

The story will be about how the interconnection of the two grids will work. This is designed to improve trade in electricity generated from the renewable energy in the British offshore
wind farms in the North Sea. The presentation will be given by Mark Tunney, Senior Business Development Manager and Project Director at National Grid, with his colleague, Jörn Ceh, Business Development Manager at TenneT. As the North Sea is likely to become the new powerhouse of north-western Europe, the project is a significant example of new bilateral Dutch-British collaboration.

The talk will be quite topical as all prepare for the major UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

The presentation -which is free of charge- will last approx. 45 minutes with time for Q&A.

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