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The Anglo-Netherlands Society is not the only Anglo- or British-European Association – far from. Here a collection of links to the major similar organisations – broadly termed UK-EU Societies – sorted in alphabetical order of the ‘abroad’ part as spelled in English. Suitable missing links will be included when submitted, the web-editor will also remove or amend any unsuitable or incorrect links. Please use the Comment form at the bottom of the page, your submission will not be published unless you specifically request that it will.

All links on this page point to sites which are controlled by unconnected third parties, and although care was taken in selecting relevant and seemingly innocuous pages, neither the Anglo-Netherlands Society nor the web-editor (the person who edits this website) accept any responsibility for any consequence of your following a link, or of not following a link.

Albania :
Anglo-Albanian Association :

Austria :
Anglo-Austrian Society –

Belgium :
Anglo-Belgian Society  – the Anglo-Belgian Society organises and promotes a variety of social, cultural and sporting events at different venues for the benefit of members and, on occasion, their guests. Please note : the Royal Thames Yacht club which was home to both the then Royal Anglo-Belgian Club and the Dutch Club is no longer host to either.
Updated 2017-01-17 and earlier, on 24 oct 2010, with thanks to mr Xavier de Bergeyck .

Bulgaria :
Bulgarian Cultural Institute London : website Jan. 2019

Croatia :
suggested by Mr Peter Elborn in e-mail 26 Jun 2013.

Cyprus (Republic of) :    update 2016.05.29 : bandwidth exceeded
List of Cypriot Embassies
High Commission in London

Czech Republic and Slovakia :
British Czech and Slovak Association

Denmark :
Anglo-Danish Society
Danish Club

Estonia :
The link from the Estonian Embassy site to the British-Estonian Association no longer works – February 2023

Finland :
Anglo-Finnish Society

Flanders :
Vlaamse Club London  –  Flemish Club in London

Foreign and Commonwealth Office :
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
includes an extensive list of embassies in the UK.

France :
Franco-British Society –

Germany :
British-German Association –   and
German British Forum  –

Greece :
Anglo-Hellenic League –
The link to,  didn’t yield the expected calendar of events in February 2023

Hungary :
British-Hungarian Society
the embassy – lists dozens of organisations

Ireland :
The Federation of Irish Societies used to be at, but the registrant for that domain was changed in March 2016

Italy :
British-Italian Society –

Latvia :
Latvians in Britain

Lithuania :
British-Lithuanian Society

Luxemburg :
The Luxembourg Society : website Jan. 2019

Malta  –  no website found January 2019

Netherlands :
Anglo-Netherlands Society

Norway :
Anglo-Norse Society –

Poland :
Anglo-Polish Society –  Wyre Forest ,
Polish Embassy and

Portugal :
Anglo-Portuguese Society – Anglo-Portuguese Society – and
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Romania :
Romanian Cultural Centre London : website Jan. 2019

Slovenia :
The British Slovene Society is at – updated 2014.09.08

Slovakia :
Slovak Republic – several clubs, some mixed Czech and Slovak – updated 2016.05.28

Spain :
British Spanish Society – – updated 2016.05.28

Sweden :
Anglo-Swedish Society –

Switserland :
City Swiss Club : website Jan. 2019

Turkey :
This website could not be loaded on 2016.01.22 :
Anglo-Turkish Society –


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