Fulham Palace – guided ‘live’ tour

From the announcement in the August E-news:

Please join us and learn more about this historic home of the bishops of London. Due to the current situation, the tour will take place only outside the buildings and in the courtyards, in two small groups of maximum six people. The tour will take about one hour and is suitable for children 14 years and over.

Details and payment instructions will follow after registration. The cafe offers a take-away service and visitors are allowed to sit on the benches in the garden. Costs: £10.50 per person (lunch not included). Please register before 24 August.

From the report:

Saturday 12 September was the first post-lockdown ‘outdoor’ event with a guided history tour on Fulham Palace’s grounds. Our guide Theresa was lovely and very well-informed. She managed, notwithstanding all restrictions, to give a unique insight and lots of background information about the complex of buildings and the people who have lived in it.

We could only see the buildings from outside which made this very special because Theresa could spend more time to explaining the extensive restorations and reconstructions. For example, the process of replacing the clay bricks with new ones that were formed and baked in the original manner and the specific old style of the double-line pointing of the lime mortar. This made us understand and appreciate the many challenges in restoring old buildings.

The weather was beautiful and the garden was still in full bloom, so it was lovely to walk in the grounds and to hear many interesting stories about some famous Bishops, who have lived there, like Bishop Beilby Porteus, who was part of the anti-slave movement and Bishop Henry Compton, one of those who conspired to bring William of Orange to England.

After the tour Carine Williams, our Administrator, and a volunteer at Fulham Palace, treated us all to coffee. Overall, it was a very successful event.