Dutch Heritage Tulips – a Virtual Lecture

Dutch fine artist Tanja Möderscheim is based in London and specialises in still life. She works in a classical style using the traditional techniques and pigments of the 17 th C Holland. Her paintings have strong themes of heritage and tradition.

Tanja curates a website at https://dutchoils.com/

Tanja’s virtual lecture consists of an insight into the history of the tulip, its voyage to the Low Countries and the ensuing Tulipmania in the 1630s. She will show how tulips were depicted in the art of the period. In the last part of her talk she will give her interpretation of these tulips as an artist and offer an insight into the use of techniques and pigments during the Golden Age.

This interesting talk took approx. 60 minutes, with Q&A. This Wednesday evening event was free of charge for our members.