London Canal Museum

From the annoncement in theSpring newsletter:

The London Canal Museum is housed in an old Victorian warehouse which once belonged to the famous icecream maker Carlo Gatti. Ice imported from Norway was transported by ship and canal boat to his warehouse, its layout well-suited for quick transfer from boat to building. Situated on the Regent’s Canal, it is only a short walk from King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations.

At the museum you can see inside a narrowboat cabin, and will learn about the history of London’s canals, the cargoes carried, the people who lived and worked on the waterways, the horses pulling the boats and the canals themselves. The industrial revolution would have been severely hampered if canals had not been constructed, allowing the transportation of fuel, raw materials and finished products!

We will start our visit with a 50-minute guided trip on a canal boat, which will take us through the Islington Tunnel. The information provided by our knowledgeable guide will help us get a lot more out of our museum visit afterwards.

London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, London N1 9RT.

On a Thursday in August, optional lunch followed by boat trip, waiting list, members only, pre-registration and payment required.