Sandycombe Lodge – JWM Turner

Guided tour of Sandycombe Lodge, J.M.W. Turner’s home, followed by an optional pub lunch, and an afternoon visit to Orleans House Gallery.

On a Wednesday in October from 11.30am, in Twickenham

Sandycombe Lodge was built on a large plot of land in -then- rural Twickenham in 1812 designed by Turner himself, who trained as an architectural draughtsman before becoming a renowned landscape painter, influenced by his friend the architect Sir John Sloane. Turner was always fascinated by the relationship between architecture and landscape, the built and the natural. A year ago, the restoration of Sandycombe Lodge was completed and is now considered a hidden gem.

After our tour, we will amble nearby to a pub lunch at the Crown, with recently refurbished Georgian and Victorian buildings and a firm neighbourhood favourite.

We will then have a brief stroll towards the Thames to take in the beautiful Orleans House and learn a bit of its history as a Palladian Villa built in 1710 for the politician James Johnston. Other residents included George Pitt MP, Naval Officer George Pocock, Louis Philippe (from 1815-1817, before he became king of France in 1830), and Louis’ son Henri, Duc d’Aumale. The Orleans House Gallery is now attached to the Octogon Room, the beautiful room for entertaining which remains from the original Orleans House, and we are free to explore the two exhibits which will be taking place at that time.