“The Amazing World of M.C. Escher”

” … a playful and impossible place, drawn with mathematical precision … “

M.C. Escher’s work is as instantly recognisable as Salvador Dalí’s, but almost unknown outside the Netherlands. He never became affiliated to any group, rarely travelled far from his modest home in the Dutch town of Baarn, and focussed exclusively on graphic art. In essence a one-man art movement he created many famous and popular images.

This exhibition features over 100 prints and drawings spanning his whole career, from the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, which holds an almost complete set of Escher’s prints.

Initially studying to become an architect in Haarlem, one of Escher’s teachers advised him to move to turn to graphic art instead. The interest behind his early studies is apparent, as buildings, distorted and re-invented, remained the primary focus of his work.

During a visit (1922) to the Alhambra (Granada, Spain, 14C) Escher became intrigued by the repeat patterns in Islamic art, and the visual puzzles created in repeated designs. After settling in Rome (1924) his work begins to show the peculiar perspectives, patterns and obsession with minute detail apparent in his later works.

On a Saturday in October.