The time may well arrive that you wish you had joined the Anglo-Netherlands Society, a truly Anglo-Dutch Club, rather than a ‘Nederlandse Vereniging in Londen’, sooner.

If you would like to meet more people with interests similar to your own, receive the Newsletter four times a year and would welcome an opportunity to participate in a programme of social and cultural events throughout the year, contact the Society today.

Don’t delay … join the Anglo-Netherlands Society today

The Society aims to organise an event each month of the year, possibly excepting July and August and sometimes January.  Visits in and around London tend to take place in the winter months, while the summer provides opportunities further afield.  The Society will often arrange a reception at major art exhibitions.

Membership dues for the current year are as listed below:

  • Joint members pay £30 per annum. (Joint members are any two individuals who receive one copy of any mailing at one address.)
  • Single members pay £23 per annum.
  • A ‘Country Rate’ is available on request, to members living more than 50 miles from Hyde Park Corner, ‘as the crow flies’. Both Oxford and Cambridge are considered to be inside the 50 mile radius.
  • Joint Country Members pay £25, and
  • Single Country Members pay £20.
  • Members who join during the calendar year pay a reduced rate for the remainder of that calendar year, please refer to the application form for details.
  • Overseas members do not currently pay the postage surcharge.
  • Corporate members are invited to contact the Society’s Chairman or one of the other Council members to discuss.

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Any person or organisation desirous of promoting the objects of the Society is eligible to apply for membership, subject to acceptance by the Society’s Council. The Membership Application Form and a Standing Order Mandate are available for download.

Please print, complete, sign and send the application form to the Society’s Office and -upon acceptance as a Member by the Society’s Council- the Standing Order Mandate to your bank.  The Society can not accept electronic payments with your application, and a cheque can only accompany your postal application.

More information is available from : the Administrator, Anglo-Netherlands Society, c/o Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 38 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DP.  Alternatively, contact the Society via e-mail : administrator19 ‘at’

The office is normally operational on Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm only.  At all other times an answerphone on 07401 660 615 will take your message. Should you require material to be sent by Royal Mail, then please provide your name and postal address. Please allow up to 21 days for our reply to reach you.


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Please do not use this form to advise the Society’s Administrative Office of any changes relating to your membership : those details are listed on the Contact Details page.


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