Advertising in the Quarterly Newsletter

The Anglo-Netherlands Society occasionally receives requests for a copy of the members address list. Readers will recognise that this is not possible as the Society is bound by the laws of the UK, and would abide by regulations set up by the Information Commissioner.

Commercial advertisements may be placed in the Quarterly Newsletter, their content needs to be agreed with the Society’s Council and the Honorary Newsletter Editor. Please contact the Society to discuss your requirements, our pricing, and layout possibilities via : enquiries17 ‘at’

Normal margins: top 12.5mm / either side 10mm / bottom 14.5mm which results in a column height of 270mm. Width: 190mm, based on A4 page being 210mm wide and margins either side 10mm, resulting in: one-of-three columns per page 60mm wide, one of two columns per page 92.5mm wide and two of three columns per page 125mm wide.


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