Looking for an Anglo-Dutch Club or Society, an association of Britons and Nederlanders together, in London, the Home Counties, anywhere in the UK?   Seek no further!

For over 95 years the Anglo-Netherlands Society has worked to develop goodwill and understanding between the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The Society has as its purpose the promotion of the social, artistic, literary, educational, scientific and other interests that the Dutch and the British have in common. It is a non-party-political, non-profit making organisation with a national remit, based in London, and run by voluntary effort. The Society’s events are conducted in English.

The Anglo-Netherlands Society reaches its members by publishing a quarterly Newsletter, by organising social functions and by arranging visits to exhibitions, concerts, country houses and other places of interest in Britain. It arranges occasional visits to the Netherlands.

A number of major companies with business interests in the UK and the Netherlands, among them ABN-Amro Bank, Royal Dutch Shell and in particular the Royal Netherlands Embassy, ING Bank and Unilever, have over many years given generous support.

Summary in Dutch : Méér dan een Nederlandse Vereniging of club in Londen, zijn wij een levendige vereniging welke leden van zowel Engelse als Nederlandse afkomst samen brengt. De Anglo-Netherlands Society, opgericht in 1920, heeft als doel bevordering van de sociale, artistieke, literaire, educatieve en wetenschappelijke interesse in elkanders land. Daartoe organiseren wij regelmatig lezingen en bezoeken, waarbij naast het leren over ons gastland ook sociaal contact een rol speelt. De voertaal van de vereniging is Engels, veel leden spreken uiteraard ook Nederlands.

The Society was founded in June 1920 as the Anglo-Batavian Society and adopted its present name in 1944. It is occasionally referred to as the Anglo-Dutch Club, or sometimes the Anglo-Dutch Society, although its correct name is Anglo-Netherlands Society. Throughout its history it has enjoyed the support of the Royal Families of both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and has benefited greatly from the interest and hospitality of successive Netherlands Ambassadors in London.



Any person or organisation desirous of promoting the objects of the Society is eligible to apply for membership, subject to acceptance by the Society’s Council. The annual subscription is surprisingly good value, with a reduced rate for members who live away from London; there is no entrance fee. Please refer to the Contact Details page in the “Membership – the Society” section for further details.


Sir Michael Perry GBE


H.E. The Netherlands Ambassador   and   The Hon. Sir Clive Bossom Bt

The Anglo-Netherlands Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee, number 4322131.
Registered office: 100 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DY.

Thank you for viewing our site, and we look forward to meeting you as a member – soon.


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  1. Hello,

    I apologise in advance if this is not the place forum for this kind of issue but would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of someone who could answer what must be a very common legal point but seems to be baffling local solicitors.

    My wife who was Dutch has recently died.

    A couple of years ago her father past away leaving a reasonable amount of money to her and her siblings in his will. He opted to be taxed on the money as part of his estate but that his wife, who is still alive, has use of the money until her death.

    I may have misunderstood the position but it appears to me that the money is not in ‘Trust’ as we would understand things in the UK and my mother in law can use the money as she sees fit and can spend the cash or not as she likes with no obligation to pass to the children except as an tax exempt part of her estate.

    The Solicitors performing probate on my wife’s affairs have included this money in the my wife’s estate (and hence could be subject to inheritance tax in the U.K. straight away). This seems wrong to me.

    I assume that this is the kind of situation that has arisen on any number of occasions and someone must know the answer ‘off the top of their head’.

    Does anyone know someone who has either been in this position themselves or who knows the definitive position?

    Kind regards

    Robert Williams

  2. Dear Anglo-Netherlands society,

    Dutch Centre would like to invite you for the “The Low Countries Film Festival”, a 4-day festival that will take place from 27 September – 30 September. Expect a great selection of the best Dutch and Flemish movies, Q&A’s with filmmakers and much more.

    VENUE: Dutch Centre, 7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA
    TICKETS & PRICES: Standard tickets: £10 / Student tickets: £5 / Flemish night: £15 / Passe partouts: £25
    For more information, look at: http://www.dutchcentre.com/events/

    Would it be possible to share this event? We really hope to see you there as well!

    Let me know if there is other information you might need.

    Warm wishes,

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